COVID-19 Response

The Elms | Te Papa will be a mandated Covid Vaccination Certified (CVC) venue from Wednesday 15 December 2021.

This means everyone, aged 12 years and 3 months or older, is required to provide proof of their vaccination status when visiting The Elms | Te Papa (at all traffic light settings) using My Vaccine Pass. This will apply to all visitors and workers at our site, such as volunteers, staff, contractors and members of the public.

My Vaccine Pass is an official record of your Covid-19 vaccination status for use within Aotearoa New Zealand. The pass, which is valid for 6 months from the date of issue, includes your name, date of birth, and a unique QR code. You can save your My Vaccine Pass to a digital device, such as your phone, or print a physical copy. For more information or to request a My Vaccine Pass visit the Unite Against Covid website.

The next time you visit The Elms | Te Papa you will be greeted by our friendly staff who will confirm your vaccination status by scanning your unique My Vaccine Pass QR code. Once your vaccination status is confirmed, you will be granted entry. Please be aware there may be queues as we adjust to the new system.

There are two exceptions to the My Vaccine Pass requirement: (1) children under the age of 12 years and 3 months who are currently ineligible for vaccination, and (2) people with Ministry of Health vaccination exemptions granted for medical reasons. Anyone else who cannot provide proof of their vaccination will be refused entry.

(An example of the My Vaccine Pass)

In addition to the vaccine pass requirement, existing controls for activities onsite will remain, in accordance with the controls of the COVID Protection Framework.  These controls include mask wearing indoors, social distancing, maximum group size and use of the COVID tracer app/manual sign in sheet. These controls are designed to help us meet our health & safety obligations to each other and our health & safety obligations to our visitors.

We know it has been a challenging and frustrating time for many people in our community and across Aotearoa New Zealand. Whilst teething problems are to be expected, it is our hope the introduction of the new framework will provide some clarity and much-needed certainty for our community in the months ahead. For The Elms Foundation, the new framework means we can host visitors in a manner that offers an experience as close to pre-Covid ‘normal’ as possible.

From all of us at The Elms Foundation, we appreciate our community’s ongoing patience and support as we do our best to ensure this treasure can be enjoyed by as many people as possible for years to come.

Ngā mihi nui,
Andrew Gregg, Manager