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Christina Crombie Grant Brown (nee Johnston) 1818 - 1887



Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, Christina met Brown when he was in Wellington on CMS business. Her younger brother, Alexander, emigrated to Auckland, New Zealand in 1840. By 1843 he was in Wellington where he held the position of judge of the Supreme Court from 1858 to 1888.

Used to a social life in her brother's home in Wellington, Christina enjoyed entertaining the military officers stationed in Tauranga during the land wars, forming lasting friendships with many of their wives. She seems to have had a loving relationship with Alfred, addressing him as "hubby".

Christina inherited The Elms after the death of Alfred, but survived him by only three years. In her will she left the property to her sister, Euphemia, for her lifetime, on condition that she left Wellington to live in Tauranga, and that on her death the property would pass on to her daughters. Christina died in 1887 and is buried in the Mission Cemetery.

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